Swim courses in the holidays for Diploma A, B, C

No waiting lists, no hasty half-hour swimming lessons at the end of a full day,
but learn to swim in the holiday and that in the best way.

A teaching week has around 25 teaching hours. Every child receives swimming exercises that match the starting level of the first day of classes.

In some locations, children who already have A, B and C degrees are also taught the different levels of swimming skills.

The children who are ready to swim at the end of a class week can get their diploma on location!

123Jump offers swimming lessons during school holidays in the Netherlands and France and Italy.

Swim lessons for expats children all around the world

Dutch swimming education is at a lonely high level worldwide. In the Netherlands we teach children to really survive in the water: backstroke and breaststroke are swimming skills that allow you to swim calmly and for a long time.

Crawling is more of a sporting swim stroke. If your child falls off the boat and has to survive in the water for a long time, then drifting, backstroke and breaststroke are much more important.

Crawling requires a lot more physical condition and can therefore be maintained for much less time.

Do you live abroad and do you want your children to take Dutch swimming lessons? Then contact us.

Our instructors travel all over the world throughout the year.

Private swimming lessons

Do you have your own swimming pool at home or at your holiday address? We can let one of our instructors teach your children with you.

We provide all necessary teaching materials so that your child learns to swim in a playful way.

Please contact us via the contact form.



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zwemlessen voor diploma A en B