Swimming school 123Jump

123Jump is a recognized Dutch swimming school. We work with experienced Dutch swimming instructors according to the solid Dutch swim ABC method. We therefore train for the officially recognized Dutch swimming diploma of the NPZ-NRZ.

Children who are ready for their official A / B / C diploma can do so with us in the Netherlands and abroad.

De 123Jump approach

Characteristic of our approach is cheerfulness and individual and intensive contact with the children and with and the group as a whole. A well-developed lesson plan is the basis, but interaction with the children is just as important.

Our instructors are not just ordinary swimming instructors, they are swimming PLEASURE instructors! Plenty of breaks are taken. The children find the swimming lessons of 123jump the end.

The 123Jump fun package

If you register your child, we will send him or her, well before the swimming course starts, our 123Jump Prey package. This is a backpack including our CD / DVD with own cheerful, trendy swim songs.

The 123Jump Voorpret package is a welcome gift for new children. It is sent to children who take swimming lessons for the first time at 123Jump.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


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