Swimming lessons in Coppet near Geneva

Swimming lessons and lots of fun in the Lake of Geneva!  After a succesfull pilot year – is it warm enough andis this fun for children?- we are excited to propose this year a short super fun swimming course in the lake of Geneva.

This course is for children who have already their A diploma (Dutch A-diploma or comparable foreign swimming diploma)


Our instructor Karla who lives in Geneva organizes the lessons. She speeks fluently Dutch, Englisch, French and Greek. She can welcom children in de swimmingweek speaking any of these languages.

Karla can be reached at + 31 636058378.


Beach of Coppet


july 15 th- july 19th


16. 00 – 18.00  Price €490

The course offers at the end the possibility to pass the exam for the Dutch swimming diploma.

If a Dutch swimming diploma is obtained a addition of € 25,- needs to be paid.

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